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What to do if your hospital denies your right to VBAC

My Hospital Is Not Allowing VBAC My hospital is currently not allowing VBAC and forcing me to have a cesarean. What are my options?   Contact ICAN with the name and city/state of the denying hospital, along with the name … Continue reading

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October is Accreta Awareness Month

During the month of October, ICAN will be focused on bringing awareness to the condition of placenta accreta, when the placenta attaches too deeply into the uterine wall. This condition carries a 7% mortality risk to the mom due to … Continue reading

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2016-17 Professional Subscribers

The Los Angeles Chapter of ICAN is now accepting professional subscribers for the 2016-17 year. Available in one-year or five-year installments, professional subscribers enjoy the following benefits, in addition to being our first point of referrals for local women seeking … Continue reading

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Laboring on the Monitors

There has been a lot of discussion at our recent meetings regarding continuous electronic fetal monitoring (cEFM) – which doctors/hospitals require it for VBAC, which don’t, and if there is access to telemetry. This post from ICAN of Atlanta was … Continue reading

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Post Cesarean: The 18 Month Cry

My son celebrated his 18th month earth-side. Like most third kids, we celebrated by totally forgetting. Sorry kid. But for many, that 18th month mark offers the mom an opportunity to look back at a day that has been difficult … Continue reading

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New ACOG guidance on maternal-request cesareans and delivery before 39 weeks

Vaginal Delivery Recommended Over Maternal-Request Cesarean March 21, 2013 Washington, DC — The nation’s largest ob-gyn organization recommends that pregnant women plan for vaginal birth unless there is a medical reason for a cesarean. In new guidelines issued today, The … Continue reading

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Goldie’s VBAC of Aura

“Walked that baby right out” – Goldie’s VBAC Story [I requested my hospital records and added details in brackets to my story from those records] My first born son, Rafi, was born via c section after 36 hours of back labor … Continue reading

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VBAC Fact Sheet from Dr. Ben-Yehuda

  Dr. Ben-Yehuda’s Newsletter June 2011 Disclaimer:  This newsletter is devoted to Dr. Ben-Yehuda’s areas of interest that coincide with topics recently raised by my patients. This general information should not replace a personalized consultation with your physician.   June … Continue reading

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