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What to do if your hospital denies your right to VBAC

My Hospital Is Not Allowing VBAC My hospital is currently not allowing VBAC and forcing me to have a cesarean. What are my options?   Contact ICAN with the name and city/state of the denying hospital, along with the name … Continue reading

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Laboring on the Monitors

There has been a lot of discussion at our recent meetings regarding continuous electronic fetal monitoring (cEFM) – which doctors/hospitals require it for VBAC, which don’t, and if there is access to telemetry. This post from ICAN of Atlanta was … Continue reading

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Goldie’s VBAC of Aura

“Walked that baby right out” – Goldie’s VBAC Story [I requested my hospital records and added details in brackets to my story from those records] My first born son, Rafi, was born via c section after 36 hours of back labor … Continue reading

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VBAC Fact Sheet from Dr. Ben-Yehuda

  Dr. Ben-Yehuda’s Newsletter June 2011 Disclaimer:  This newsletter is devoted to Dr. Ben-Yehuda’s areas of interest that coincide with topics recently raised by my patients. This general information should not replace a personalized consultation with your physician.   June … Continue reading

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